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PARALLEL Extruder: Precision in Recycling Analysis

Key Features:
  • Integrated Analysis: Quality grade analyses with warn and alarm levels for auto control and sorting of the quality in different levels.
  • Material Customization: Adjusted by recipes of materials for automatic adjustment of the extruder.
  • Connectivity: External measuring instruments can be connected via various interfaces for comprehensive material analysis.
  • Advanced Control: Level control of the funnel level by ultrasonic sensor, with automatic material transport integrated in CAMEN®.
  • Temperature Management: Temperature zones limited by target control, ensuring optimal operation conditions.
Options & Extensions:
  • Customised integration programs.
  • vSTAT: Visual statistical analysis tool.
  • Interface to external APPs for real-time monitoring.
  • High-speed CPU integration options for plastPMS and AIREC® software.
  • Additional software interfaces for existing recycling lines.