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INTREC® - Pioneering Smart Recycling for the Modern Era

Elevate your recycling operations with INTREC®, our groundbreaking software designed for the modern recycler. Harness the power of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things to transform your recycling line into a next-level smart factory.


  • Smart Factory Integration: Seamlessly expand your manufacturing line into a smart factory where production is virtually mapped and monitored.
  • Optimal Machine Utilization: Ensure your machines are operating at their peak efficiency, maximizing output and minimizing waste.
  • Advanced Data-Mining: Dive deep into your operations with efficient data-mining, uncovering insights and trends that can drive further optimization.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Machines automatically detect when maintenance is required, significantly reducing support costs and downtime.
  • Quality Improvement: Predict how quality will change during production and take countermeasures before failures occur, ensuring consistent high-quality output.
  • Waste Reduction & Resource Optimization: Achieve optimal resource usage with higher effectiveness across all systems, leading to significant waste reduction.



Digitalization & Networking:

  • Process Optimization: Digitalization is the key to optimizing your production line, making it more economical and efficient.
  • Networking Impact: In today’s interconnected world, networking of components and values is crucial for the manufacturing industry to remain competitive.
  • Predictive Production: Anticipate quality changes in real-time and adapt before waste is produced, ensuring consistent output quality.