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Elevate Your Expertise with R.A.M. Training Programs

At RAM, we believe that knowledge is power. That's why we offer specialized training courses tailored to meet your unique needs. Conducted by our highly qualified team, these courses are designed to empower you with the skills and insights needed to excel in your role. Choose your training programs:

Master the Basics in One Day

Operator Training:

What You'll Learn:

- Navigating CAMEN software and loading recipes
- Understanding key terms like Gray-Value, Threshold, and Slit
- Order creation and Rollreport management in CAMEN
- Handling warnings and errors effectively
- Basic software functionalities

Location: At your own machine
Duration: 1 day

Elevate Your Skills

Manager / Head of Production Training:

What You'll Learn:

- All content from Operator Training, plus:
- Recipe creation for diverse products
- Fundamentals of optical defect detection
- Classification of defects by size and type (please send samples in advance)
- Advanced software functionalities

Location: R.A.M. GmbH facility
Duration: 2 days

Become a System Expert

Maintenance Training:

What You'll Learn:

- All content from Manager Training, plus:
- Understanding system alerts and appropriate actions
- Utilizing CAMEN logs for troubleshooting
- Rebooting single line cameras
- Comprehensive system evaluation, including mechanical and electrical checks
- System calibration techniques

Location: R.A.M. GmbH facility
Duration: 3 days