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The future of recycling with R.A.M.

Unlock the Next Level of Your Recycling Operations

Empower your operations with cutting-edge R&D capabilities

Optimize through intelligent
recycling analytics

Revolutionize your workflow with AI-driven predictive production.

Our tools form a comprehensive ecosystem designed to elevate your recycling to new heights of quality, efficiency, and profitability.

How to evaluate your in-line quality in real-time?

Precision Analysis in Recycling Material


Elevate your recycling process with the PARALLEL Extruder.

This advanced machine provides in-depth analysis of recycled pellets, offering key metrics like thickness, opacity, and gel distribution. With its integrated quality grading system, PARALLEL Extruder categorizes your material into quality grades (A, B, C), all managed by a single operator.

Achieve consistent, high-quality recycling with PARALLEL Extruder.


The AI-Revolution in Recycling


AIREC® is more than just artificial intelligence—it's your competitive edge in the recycling industry. Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms and data analytics, AIREC® revolutionizes your operations by minimizing downtime and reducing costs through predictive maintenance. But that's not all. Our intelligent analytics enable unparalleled resource efficiency, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for a zero-waste, sustainable production line. Stay ahead of the curve and transform your recycling operations into a smart, efficient, and eco-friendly system with AIREC®.


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