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ITG 500 – Bench Analyzer

Precision in LAB Surface Inspection

Dive into the next generation of film inspection with our Bench Analyser®. Crafted as a state-of-the-art laboratory bench, this system meticulously identifies, categorizes, and documents optical defects in film samples, adhering to DIN A 4 / DIN A 3 standards. Whether you’re dealing with transparent or opaque films, our system ensures comprehensive analysis.

Key Features:

  • Transmitted Light Illumination: Ideal for both transparent and opaque films.
  • Reflected Light Illumination: Enhances visibility and clarity, especially for collateral films.
  • Dark-Field Aperture: Specifically designed to enhance the detection of gel specks in transparent films.
  • Dual Illumination Option: A harmonious blend of transmitted and reflected light illumination, offering unparalleled clarity for collateral films.
  • Automated Defect Classification: From gel specks, gels, burners, to fisheyes, impurities, wrinkles, voids, or flies, our system classifies them all. Additionally, it provides photos of these defects for detailed evaluation.

Connectivity and Integration:

The ITG 500 Bench System integrates effortlessly into your IT network, ensuring accessibility from any workstation. Monitor evaluations in real-time or download data directly via a USB interface. Elevate your film inspection process with the Bench Analyser.


ITG 500 - Bench