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ITG 600®: Advanced Optical Detection in Foil Production

Step into the forefront of foil inspection with our ITG 600® Rewinder system. This advanced solution is meticulously designed to detect, classify, and record optical faults in the production of both transparent and opaque foils. With the ITG 600®, you’re not just ensuring quality; you’re setting a new industry standard.

Key Features:

  • Potential Free Alarm Output: Seamlessly stops the machine upon detecting a flaw, ensuring immediate attention.
  • Automated Defect Classification: Whether it’s specks, gels, burns, fisheyes, impurities, wrinkles, holes, or flies, our system categorizes every defect. This facilitates a detailed post-production analysis using RAM_PAT®.
  • Defect Report (MAP): A comprehensive report showcasing defects either graphically or symbolically, complete with roll number, fault quantity (also per m²), and more.
  • Recipe Management: Create and manage any number of inspection recipes tailored to specific requirements.
  • Automatic Operation Data Upload: Ensures that the inspection system is always updated with the latest operational data.


Connectivity and Integration:

The ITG 600® Rewinder boasts a digital input for roll change or inspection start, an encoder signal, and an output designed to halt the machine when necessary. With such features, the ITG 600® Rewinder stands as a testament to R.A.M. GmbH’s commitment to precision, efficiency, and innovation in foil inspection.


ITG 600®