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Slitter Rewinder® – ITG700

Precision in Rewinder Inspection

Key Features:

  • Dual-Surface Inspection: Monitors both the top and bottom surfaces of opaque films for defects.
  • Automated Defect Classification: Classifies errors into categories such as Specks/Gels, burns, fisheye, impurities, wrinkles, holes, or flies. Additionally, it stores images of these faults for further evaluation.
  • Error Report (MAP): Provides a symbolic representation of faults in the roll, including grayscale images. The report details the roll number, total faults, and faults per m², sorted by size class/type. It also displays the location of the error in both machine and transverse directions.
  • Recipe Management: Allows for the creation of any number of inspection recipes, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to various manufacturing needs.
  • Critical Error Alerts: For significant errors, the system can trigger an alarm lamp, sound a horn, or even stop a winder, ensuring immediate attention to critical issues.
  • BDE Data Integration: Seamlessly uploads BDE data to the inspection system for enhanced analysis and monitoring.
  • Digital Inputs/Outputs: Equipped with digital inputs for reel change signal, encoder signal, or stop inspection, and digital outputs for controlling alarms during critical error situations.



The ITG 700 is engineered for the rigorous demands of modern manufacturing processes. Its advanced features and capabilities make it an indispensable tool for ensuring the highest quality in film/sheet production. Whether you’re looking to enhance quality control, reduce waste, or streamline your manufacturing process, the ITG 700 is the solution you’ve been seeking.


ITG 700